Even the best plans can't predict the future. Instead of trying to lay everything out at once, we break your project down into smaller "sprints" (or groups of tasks) that build towards the larger goal. This keeps us fast, on target, and ready to adapt at a moments notice – saving you time, money, and headaches.

To begin your project, we arrange a kick-off meeting for introductions and to discuss your larger goals. From there, we iterate through sprints until we have a completed product.

We break our sprints down into these steps:



Every sprint starts with a "meeting of the minds." During these meetings, we review the current state of the project, discuss what to work on next, and determine how that fits into the overall project goals.



All of our designs start with good-old-fashioned pencil and paper. We begin with rough sketches that are continuously refined until we're ready to take the task to code. Our main focus during this step is to determine overall layout and what elements are necessary to build the task.



Now we turn those designs into fully functioning components. We always keep the end-user in mind, and ensure that everything we build is accessible on a wide range of browsers and devices.



We extensively test every task before it gets released to the existing project. You also get a chance to test-drive our work and provide us with your feedback. Your comments are valuable in ensuring the project is advancing according to your expectations.

When it comes time to launch your project, we'll be right by your side. We're happy to support you for as long as you need us.

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